C-Suite Executives Dinner

March 18th, 2024 | London | England


Join a select group of 10-15 top C-Suite tech executives from forward-thinking brands for discussions focused on software testing trends and challenges, highlighting how generative AI enables AI agents to speedup software delivery by executing manual test cases.

  • Strategically curate discussions among similar-minded leaders in a relaxed yet focused manner.
  • Foster an environment that facilitates the establishment of strong connections.
  • Identify new opportunities to help your brand maintain a competitive edge and improve organizational performance using Generative AI.

National Theatre, Upper Ground, London

As part of the dinner event, you'll have the opportunity to engage in an interactive roundtable discussion of your preference. The following are the discussion topics:

  • Strategies for eliminating the manual testing bottleneck in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) within a few months without the need for additional hiring.
  • The transformative impact of Generative AI on the SDLC, significantly reducing the need for test maintenance in banking operations.
  • Insights into how a bank empowered its manual testers to develop automation, achieving remarkable performance improvements within budget constraints.

Dinner Format

5:00 - 6:00 PM Cocktails & Networking
6:00 - 9:30 PM Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
9:30 - 10:00 PM Dessert and Closing Remarks

About testRigor

testRigor is a Generative-AI-based test automation platform that enables manual testers to create test automation through executable specifications in simple English, achieving speeds 15 times faster than Selenium and reducing test maintenance time by a factor of 200 compared to Selenium.

testRigor excels in cross-system end-to-end testing, enabling the creation of tests that encompass web, mobile, native desktop, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other third-party systems seamlessly in a single test.

The simplicity of writing tests in plain English from the user’s perspective ensures that tests remain effective despite changes in the implementation details, leading to quicker test creation and significantly less maintenance work.

Moreover, the use of plain English for all tests enhances company-wide collaboration, allowing product managers to participate in test maintenance evaluations and ensuring the product functions as expected.

Majority of testRigor’s clients reach over 90% test automation coverage in less than 12 months after implementation.

testRigor offers both SaaS and on-premise solutions.

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