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We built testRigor to empower people of all levels of technical abilities to build stable and easy to maintain automated tests quickly. Companies use our AI-driven functional tests to scale development and lower costs at a level that isn’t possible with manual testing or human built and maintained script-based automation. We strongly believe in our mission.


You achieve full test automation quickly. Your apps work perfectly in production. Your team works only on what matters most.

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Redefining the testing landscape

Our team of engineers and data scientists created testRigor for fast-moving startups in industries where the fact that the app can perform essential functions is important. Error-free functionality keeps your users on your site and making transactions. We’re committed to helping developers and QA teams use the power of machine learning to push the boundaries of software testing.

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Artem Golubev



Enzo Carlos Biancato



Aleksey Malyshev

Machine Learning


Nadya Shupta

Sales Manager

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