Happier, more productive teams

Scale your software engineering teams while lowering risks and costs. testRigor’s
plain-English functional UI testing gives you ultra-high stability and our autonomous test generation will increase coverage automatically while handling thousands of tests as easily as one.

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Accelerate without breaking existing functionality

Test and ship your product faster without putting existing functionality at risk. Improve your testing scripts with stable plain-English tests that expand your coverage without maintenance overhead. Shorten dev cycles and focus on building great products instead of maintaining tests.


Test in a fraction of the time

Stop annoying engineers with QA headaches. Re-tests in minutes on branch, test & production environments. Seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD tools to accelerate your dev cycles.


Get to market faster

Bring solutions to life faster and with confidence. Test earlier in the dev cycle, catch bugs before they go to production, and give your users a bug-free experience every time.


Use your Manual QA to build and maintain tests

Eliminate nearly all test maintenance. Cut hours of daily manual regression testing, script maintenance and time-consuming grunt work. Refocus testing efforts on high-value, sophisticated work.

Accelerate your dev cycles!

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