testRigor Features

testRigor is a way to create tests using plain English, and it has two main benefits:
  • Manual testers can build test automation 15 times faster than with Selenium. Inspirational video here.
  • Our customers spend 200 times less time than Selenium users. Especially for a quickly changing product because tests are from end-user’s perspective. Adapting to new functionality is as easy as find and replace.
The top 42 features of testRigor are:
  1. Usage of plain English to allow anyone to build/understand tests purely from end-user’s point of view, avoiding relying on locators. Learn more in this video
  2. Support for web testing on Desktop and Mobile almost all browsers on multiple OSes such as, for example, Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac and on iOS
  3. Support of mobile testing, including mobile testing on physical devices through our partners and testing of hybrid apps
  4. The easiest way to test emails with email being rendered is to allow you to see how it works. You can easily click buttons in email and extract codes. You can see a video here
  5. 2FA login support, including login with email, text messages, and Google Authenticator
  6. API testing
  7. Mocking of API calls
  8. Data-driven testing with datasets support, including data from CSVs. Video here
  9. Validation of downloaded files, including PDFs, CSVs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. See example here
  10. Accessing DBs
  11. Ability to work with texts in images using OCR and ability to refer to buttons/texts based on Machine-Learning-based image classification
  12. Testing of Chrome Extensions
  13. Easily generate unique test data based on specified format or ReGex
  14. Typing and copy/paste support
  15. Easily work with tables and forms
  16. Ability to work with multiple tabs easily
  17. Ability to work with multiple browsers and devices at the same time running different sessions
  18. Working with Geo locations for your devices “moving” the device
  19. Comparing how parts of the screen (based on id/location) changed compare to previous execution. Here is an example
  20. Built-in login support. Here is an example
  21. Creating PDF containing screenshots of all pages on a website
  22. Executing JavaScript in the browser under test
  23. Ability to group your steps into functions (Reusable Rules) with arbitrary names
  24. Variables (Stored Values) support which can be overridden/passed by API when triggering test suite from CI. Multiple pre-defined variables support such as “todayDayOfMonth”
  25. Executing some sections conditionally or until a certain condition is met
  26. You can use JavaScript on top of testRigor
  27. Built-in Applitools support and some simple UI testing
  28. Ability to upload files in different ways
  29. Ability to create files based on a template before uploading
  30. Ability to perform phone calls/phone call validations / SMS messages/SMS messages validations
  31. Audio testing, testing of the audio played. Recording/playing audio
  32. Ability to test that the video is playing by saying
    check that video "movie" is playing
  33. Ability to access and work with cookies/local storage/session storage/user agent
  34. Ability to have all possible steps, including browser steps, mobile app steps, API calls, text messages etc., in one test
  35. Recording of executed tests as videos
  36. Monitoring/scheduled execution with PagerDuty integration. See video here
  37. Ability to post test results to any test case management system and to Slack, MS Teams, Emails, etc.
  38. Transparent support for iframes/shadow doms/hybrid apps, etc. See video here
  39. Ability to generate tests based on how your users use your application in your production (Behavior-Driven Test Generation)
  40. Load testing using the same tests
  41. Automatic accessibility testing. See a video here
  42. Integrations with:
    1. All test case management systems, including TestRail, Zephyr, XRay, etc.
    2. Jira, Azure DevOps ticketing, etc.
    3. All CI platforms, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps, etc.
    4. All Infrastructure Providers, including BrowserStack, LambdaTest, SauceLabs, etc.

And many, many more. New features are being released weekly!

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