testRigor Features

Testing from end users point of view with 200X less maintenance
A new breed of manual-qa-friendly test automation for functional UI exploratory and regression testing, made for any web or mobile application.
Constantly learn from user activity in production

testRigor automatically assesses if a page looks broken to a human.

Use the actions of your users in production to cover the most important and most frequently used functionality.

As testRigor learns from real user actions, it improves test coverage and catches more issues before they get to production.

Achieve CI/CD more effectively by prioritizing your most often used functionality.

More stable tests with minimal maintenance

Tests are executed from end users’ point of view and therefore are dramatically more stable.

Automatically create new tests when production data uncovers additional user paths or changes in functionality.

Spend 200X less time on test maintenance with advanced maintenance-related tools.

Infrastructure stability with reasonable retries.

AI-powered by common app and industry data

Trained on tens of thousands of industry-leading websites and applications.

Creates tests based on an extensive database of common and industry-specific rules.

Customize the rules to include your application-specific functions as needed.

A better approach to testing
testRigor eliminates headaches and blindspots
Regression Testing
A lot of tests are created autonomously
Easily see unique issues regardless of how many tests are affected
Ultra-high stability out of the box
Exploratory Testing
Walks through UI functionality like a user would
Provides screenshots of each path and prioritizes issues to be fixed
Tracks down all JavaScript errors, 404s, and other HTTP errors
Increase Team Productivity, Exponentially.
Plain-English-based interface that anyone can use
Customize scripts with plain English in minutes
Every issue automatically assigned a severity level
Security, Built In.
testRigor protects you by following the highest security standards, including SOC2. We never record or store your users’ or your company’s private data.
Join the next wave of functional testing now.
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