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Why Selenium Sucks for End-To-End Testing in 2022

Let’s get to the basics, shall we? What is an end-to-end test? We define it as a test that can potentially span multiple UIs and perform testing from an end user’s perspective. Well, Selenium is not a good fit for cross-system testing or for emulating a user’s real-world experience. Let me explain… How does Selenium …

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DataHerald Case Study

DataHerald’s Co-Founder and CTO Amir Zorhrenejad is sharing how their company was able to free engineering resources by moving away from Selenium and switching to testRigor. They’ve been looking for the best codeless/low-code automation tool for awhile, and decided to purchase testRigor after a 2-week free trial. Amir is sharing how they achieved efficiency by …

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