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Infor Testing

Infor ERP is a comprehensive software solution designed to help organizations efficiently manage and streamline their business operations. It encompasses various modules and functionalities spanning various organizational departments, such as finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, and customer relationship management. Infor ERP provides a unified platform for data integration, automation, and decision support, allowing businesses to optimize their processes, reduce manual tasks, and make informed strategic decisions.

Infor ERP’s industry specialization allows businesses to implement ERP systems that align closely with their unique needs and challenges, enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness. It also leverages modern technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to deliver real-time insights, improve collaboration, and drive innovation.

Testing Infor ERP

Infor ERP, like any complex software system, undergoes various types of testing to ensure its functionality, performance, security, and reliability. Here are some of the different kinds of testing commonly performed in Infor ERP implementations:

  • Integration Testing: Ensures Infor ERP seamlessly integrates with other systems and applications within an organization’s IT environment. It validates data transfers, communication between modules, and the interoperability of Infor ERP with third-party software.
  • Functional Testing: Verifies that Infor ERP’s individual functions and features work as intended. Test cases are designed to validate specific workflows, such as order processing, inventory management, and financial transactions.
  • Regression Testing: Performed to ensure that recent updates, enhancements, or configuration changes do not introduce new defects into previously functioning areas of Infor ERP. It helps maintain system stability during ongoing development.
  • Usability Testing: Focuses on the user experience within Infor ERP. It evaluates the system’s interface, navigation, and overall user-friendliness to ensure users can work efficiently with the software.
  • Performance Testing: Assesses Infor ERP’s speed, responsiveness, and scalability. It includes tests like load testing to evaluate how the system handles increased user loads and stress testing to identify potential performance bottlenecks.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Involves end-users and stakeholders in testing Infor ERP to ensure it meets their requirements and is user-friendly. It validates that the system aligns with real-world scenarios and workflows.
  • Security Testing: Identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring that sensitive data is adequately protected within Infor ERP is vital. Techniques like penetration testing may be employed to assess the system’s resistance to security threats.
  • Accessibility Testing: Checks if Infor ERP is accessible to individuals with disabilities. It ensures compliance with accessibility standards and regulations, making the software inclusive for all users. Read here how to build an ADA-compliant app.

Why is Automation Testing the Preferred Approach?

Now that we have explored various types of testing, let’s delve into how we can execute them. While testing can be performed using manual and automated methods, automation is the preferred choice for Infor ERP. This preference arises from its ability to efficiently and consistently execute many test cases, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the ERP’s complex functionalities.

Infor ERP systems often entail intricate workflows and frequent updates, making automation indispensable for rapid regression testing and the preservation of data integrity. Automation mitigates human error, expedites testing cycles, and offers the agility to assess performance, test scalability, and data migration. Ultimately, it enhances the reliability and stability of the ERP system while optimizing resource utilization and reducing costs.

Challenges with Legacy Automation Tools

While we’ve discussed the benefits of employing automation tools, it’s essential to acknowledge that legacy automation tools have certain limitations.

  • External Integrations: Many legacy frameworks lack built-in integrations with other systems, such as Jira or Jenkins, requiring manual setup for these integrations. Consequently, a significant challenge arises as the code becomes more complex, making debugging difficult. Moreover, closely monitoring version compatibility is crucial to avoid potential errors.
  • Flaky Tests: Because many tools depend on DOM element properties, modifications can result in test failures, often due to ‘no element found‘ exceptions, ultimately leading to unstable or unreliable test results.
  • Framework Creation: Every legacy tool won’t have a default framework, so one must be created from scratch. This requires a significant amount of time and effort devoted to framework development.
  • Programming Language Knowledge: It is essential for many automation tools, requiring team members to possess coding knowledge. Moreover, applications like Infor ERP, with their extensive test case volume, lead to growing script complexity as automation matures.

Enhancing Infor ERP Testing with testRigor

Utilizing testRigor’s intelligent features makes end-to-end testing in Infor ERP effortless. Let’s explore some of the standout features of testRigor.

  • Test Case Generation: By leveraging generative AI, testRigor assists in generating test scripts and reduces your manual effort to an extent.
  • No More Programming Language Hurdles: testRigor assists in generating test scripts using plain English, eliminating the need for programming language support. This empowers not only manual testers but also any stakeholders to create and execute test scripts efficiently.
  • No More Flaky Tests: Unlike relying on unreliable XPaths or CSS selectors, testRigor utilizes a distinctive element identification approach driven by its AI algorithms. Users can specify elements as they are visible on the UI, such as click “cart” or check that page contains “Hello”.
  • Testing PowerHouse: testRigor supports different types of testing like native desktop testing, web testing on desktop and mobile, mobile testing, API testing, visual testing, and accessibility testing.
  • Automatic Waits: testRigor’s automatic wait handling handles synchronization issues. You need not manually provide any explicit wait times; hence, it avoids the ‘element not found’ and many other similar errors.
  • Cross-browser and Cross-platform Support: Testing Infor, a cloud-hosted tool, across different browsers, browser versions, and platforms is crucial. This is where testRigor excels, effortlessly managing this aspect of testing.
  • Default Integrations – testRigor offers built-in integrations with most CI/CD tools, test management systems, defect tracking solutions, infrastructure providers, and communication applications.
Now, let’s see a sample testRigor test script.
open url "https://www.inforerploginurl.com"
enter stored value "UserName" into "User Name"
enter stored value "password" into "Password"
click "Sign in"
click “Purchase Orders”
click “Create New Purchase Order”
enter "John" into "Vendor Name"
enter "Vending Machine" into "Items to be Ordered"
enter "5" into "Items to be Ordered"
click "Submit"

The above example demonstrates the simplicity of creating test scripts in testRigor and the ease of debugging.

As mentioned earlier, the features mentioned above are just a few of the capabilities offered by testRigor. Explore its top features and sign up to experience the ease of creating your test scripts.

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