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Cross-browser Testing: Test Against Every Browser

Cross-browser Testing: Test Against Every Browser with testRigor

About 94% of first impressions on web applications are design-based. A developer’s main job, therefore, is to make their websites and web applications attractive and accessible to the largest proportion of target audiences. Ensure quality assurance instead of contending test maintenance and achieve up to 90% test coverage in under a year while reducing test maintenance by 99.5% with testRigor.

What is Cross-browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing in quality assurance is a type of testing that helps to verify if your web application or web app works across different browsers and degrades gracefully.

While Chrome has a major browser market share of 63%, there’re still a lot of individual consumers and companies that rely on other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and others. And each of these renders CSS, HTML, and JavaScript differently – which impacts the layout, quality, accessibility, and performance of your web applications.

Base functionality across all browser, OS, and device combinations

Perfect the user experience by ensuring a seamless interaction with all basic functionalities on your website or app. Test elements like dialog boxes, form fields, responsive touch, and others on common browser-OS combinations: Android-Chrome, iOS-Safari, Windows-Microsoft Edge, and so much more. testRigor supports coverage for all main browsers and OS systems.


Instead of relying on simulators such as virtual machines (VMs) and emulators to assume design conditions, test and rectify how your site’s design aspects render on different browsers with testRigor. Implement working typeface, image and video layouts, and accessible navigation and content, in the specifications as delivered by the design team.


73.1% of visitors abandon a site if it is unresponsive. Prevent traffic plunges by testing the responsive design of the website. Eliminate inconvenient scrolling, false panning, inappropriate zooming, and false resizing when the site is used across different desktop and mobile devices and browsers.


71% of visitors with disabilities switch sites when they are inaccessible. Data also shows increased numbers of lawsuits towards websites with poor accessibility. Ensure your websites and apps support a wide variety of keyboard functions, alt text accessibility, color schemes, and closed captions across all browser versions and configurations.

Why Choose testRigor For Your Cross-browser Testing?

AI-powered cross-browser testing with minimal maintenance

Manual testing isn’t very efficient by definition, and automated testing with widely-adopted tools such as Selenium is known to require a lot of time and effort spent towards test maintenance, which slows down test creation. On the contrary, testRigor’s cross-browser AI testing tools are trained on industry-leading websites and apps. With testRigor, users can ensure maximum automation coverage while building tests in plain English – all with minimal test maintenance. What’s more, there’s a record and playback Chrome extension which is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of automation for cross-browser testing.

Plain English interface for all skill levels

Manual QA can create tests in the testRigor testing system using no code. This helps everyone on the Agile team to comprehend what’s being tested and to easily look up tests that are affecting cross-browser compatibility. You can also use the same language support and customize rules to accommodate internal verbiage when converting existing manual test cases into automated ones.

Machine-learn from user activity

testRigor mirrors users’ actions in the production environment. This emulates how the audience navigates on real devices and executes test cases. It provides screenshots of each step and also identifies issues to prioritize and achieve effective continuous integration, development, and delivery. It expedites functional testing, debugging, data classification, and triaging across different versions of mobile and desktop browsers.

Unlimited users and unlimited tests

All our pricing plans allow for unlimited users and test cases within the test suite.

Data security and privacy

We are SOC2 compliant and uphold strict measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Your sensitive data and the information you submit are protected with encryption. We also employ ethical hackers to test our security layers on a regular basis.

Survive framework changes

In most test automation tools, tests fail and will need to be severely modified after a framework change. This isn’t the case for testRigor, where your tests will still pass even if your whole website is moved to a new framework (as long as UI hasn’t been changed).

QA Professionals Use and Trust Our Cross-browser Testing

Developers and QA engineers leverage testRigor to perform cross-browser testing. IDT, a leading telecommunications company, scaled from 50% to 91% automation coverage with manual QA in less than nine months.

Use testRigor and seamlessly create thousands of complex tests using no code. You can also manually create tests fifteen times faster with 99.5% less maintenance and retest all functionality with parallel testing in under thirty minutes.

Start Cross-browser Testing in Plain English with testRigor

Explore how testRigor’s cross-browser testing verifies your websites’ and applications’ compatibility on real browsers ahead of live testing. Improve test automation rapidly with minimal maintenance. For further details, request a demo, and we’ll be in touch!

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