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Oracle ERP Testing

One of the global leaders in the industry, Oracle provides ERP solutions comprising a suite of integrated software applications. These applications assist organizations in managing various facets of their business operations. They’re engineered to streamline and automate processes, elevate efficiency, foster collaboration, and grant real-time access to pivotal business data. Oracle’s diverse range of ERP solutions cater to myriad industries and business necessities. Notable offerings include Oracle Cloud ERP, NetSuite, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion, and Oracle PeopleSoft.

Testing Oracle ERP Systems

When you’re either setting up an ERP system or transitioning to Oracle’s ERP solutions, it’s common to introduce customizations and modifications to align the system with specific company processes, which can be intricate. Given the critical role of ERP systems, any glitches or downtimes can profoundly disrupt operations. Thus, meticulous testing across implementation and rollout phases is imperative.

Both manual and automated testing can be employed. With manual testing, an implementation walkthrough, complemented by exploratory testing, instills confidence in the setup and highlights focus areas. As system updates or release cycles occur, testing identical scenarios becomes a recurring task. Alongside this, you might be engulfed by extensive data-centric scenario testing, performance testing, and security checks. This phase is ideal for harnessing automation to streamline the workload.

Utilizing Automation Testing

Automation testing is an excellent remedy for repetitive chores, such as executing regression suites. It offers expansive coverage in minimal time and reduces human error, ensuring accuracy. This efficiency frees up resources for more inventive testing pursuits. Testing can initiate at the code level with unit tests, progress to integration tests for complex ERP integrations, and culminate in end-to-end testing from a user’s vantage point.

Nonetheless, automated testing does present challenges:

  • Updating and sustaining test cases to mirror changes in the ERP system. As test case volume expands, this task will become labor-intensive.
  • Some system updates might render test cases redundant, undercutting the essence of automation.
  • Proficient engineers, versed in automation frameworks, are requisite. Yet, these engineers might lack domain-specific expertise, leading to additional costs.

Most comprehensive automation tools falter when facing these challenges, but testRigor excels.

Why use testRigor for Oracle Automation Testing

This modern AI-driven, cloud-hosted automation testing tool transforms testing, becoming the gold standard for even the most formidable ERP systems. Here’s what makes testRigor standout:

Versatile test creation

testRigor enables teams to create tests using three straightforward approaches:

  • Automated test step generation through its generative AI engine by merely inputting the test case title.
  • English-based script writing without coding expertise, translating scripts to code via advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • A test recorder for action-capture and straightforward test case creation in English, ensuring resilient tests devoid of XPath dependencies.

Near zero maintenance

With system updates or implementations, testRigor minimizes maintenance woes by forgoing reliance on application-specific element details. As and when your system updates or new implementations are introduced, testRigor will bear the brunt of ensuring that your test cases are not rendered useless. It does this by not relying on the implementation-specific details of the elements seen in the application under test.

Speed and reliability

Consistent, rapid test runs that many firms trust for monitoring. The test runs are known to be so stable that companies even use them for monitoring.

Broad integration capabilities

Integrations span tools and platforms for services like CI/CD, device farms, databases, issue tracking, and test case management systems.

See a sample testRigor test case below:
login as employee
create an order
login as manager
approve the order as the manager
switch to tab “1”
click on “Dashboard”
check that table at row containing stored value "orderName" and column "Status" contains "Approved"

Notice the clarity and simplicity. The built-in login function streamlines the authentication process. Element locators are intuitive, written in plain English, obviating unstable CSS and XPath dependencies.

This introduction merely scratches the surface. With AI at its core, testRigor makes ERP testing as straightforward as crafting manual test cases. Best of all? It’s accessible to everyone. Reach out to testRigor for a demo or give it a try and see for yourself.

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