Import test cases from TestRail for execution with testRigor

To begin, you first need to set up the TestRail integration. You can follow this guide to do it.

After the integration is complete a new button is going to appear in the Test Cases tab of the test suite:

By clicking it you will see the import modal:

It provides 2 ways to import:

  1. Import All Test Cases – import ALL testRail test cases with steps.
  2. Import Selected Test Cases – import only selected testRail tests.

Additional options at the bottom provide extra control over what to do with imported test cases:

  1. Link imported tests with test case management system – all imported tests will be automatically connected and their results reported to testRail on runs of the test suite.
  2. Override already linked tests – override steps in testRigor test cases that are already linked to testRail.

After selecting desired options, click on Import to start the import process.

Imported test cases will appear in “Not Executed” status and are ready for execution straight away. Unrecognized steps will be converted to AI-based reusable rules.

To execute these test cases you click on “Select multiple” button above the list of test case, select the ones you would like to execute and click “Run”. This will trigger testRigor’s AI to process these manual test cases an d attempt to execute those.

You can then use prompt engineering and steps corrections to fix the test cases as described here:

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