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Director of QA Skills, Roles, and List of Jobs

Quality Assurance Director is one of the key roles in an organization. Their main task is to define and promote a quality mindset across the entire team. The main objective of the QA Director is primarily focused on implementing and maintaining high-quality standards and policies, compliance, and regulatory procedures to ensure that customers’ expectations are …

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The Modern CTO: Is There a Necessity of Technical Expertise?

As we know, the CTO is the prime person in an organization regarding technology, innovation, and engineering. A question arises: ...

Test Estimation Techniques: The Backbone of Your QA Strategy

Do you remember the healthcare.gov website launch in the United States in 2013? Within 2 hours of its launch, significant issues ...

QA Sign-Off: The Final Seal of Approval Explained

Imagine you’re planning to throw a big, elaborate party. The crew has decorators, caterers, logistics management, and wedding planners. Before the event, you need to ensure everything is in place and ready for your guests. The QA sign-off is like the final walkthrough you do with the party planners- the QA team, to ensure everything …

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How to test Maps or GIS
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