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FAQ – Can testRigor run my manual test case?

TestRigor can run test cases the way you write them. The way it works is very interesting. By default, testRigor has a specific language allowing you to express low-level steps such as clicks and entering data. However, you can group your actions into higher-level actions and give them arbitrary means. For example, if we were to test Amazon we would have actions like “find the product”, “add to the cart”, “checkout”, and stuff like that. And each of them you would outline and say, Okay, what does checkout mean? And what our customers do is they usually have a lot of test cases already documented. In those test cases, we have a specific language, like as I mentioned, for Amazon, add to cart checkout, and so on. What we do is copy and paste that language into testRigor and outline in more specific steps what each chart means more specifically. After they outline their own terminology, what they do is they literally come back to where all test cases are, copy-paste the test cases into testRigor, and as a minimal cleanup, as it’s technically possible, their own test cases are executable out of the box. Literally, your own test cases are written in your own language and will run on testRigor using this technic.