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FAQ – Does testRigor support BDD?

TestRigor does support BDD; however, BDD is a very broad term and there’s a little bit of mixing misconception about BDD is Gherkin Cucumber, which is not true. BDD is a process, which was designed by the creators of BDD to involve business owners into creating specifications that can be used to write tests. In that sense testRigor is a pure BDD framework. Moreover, it makes BDD order of magnitude more efficient because business owners sometimes with the help of QA and sometimes themselves can write those specifications in English the way that it’s executable out of the box. So it actually would cut out the part where QA engineers would have to implement your specifications because the specifications themselves are executable. That’s the point of testRigor and because of this difference with commonly used BDD, they call it SDD Specification Driven Development because your specifications are executable out of the box. So it’s technically BDD. However, it emphasizes the fact that it’s a two-step process, built specification, and code, rather than three steps built specification code write QA in addition to those specifications.