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FAQ – How is testRigor different from Cucumber Gherkin?

testRigor is different from Cucumber or Gherkin in fundamental way specifications are executable out of the box. There is no need to write the code. Whereas Gherkin is just a language to express specification. And then engineers have to write the code to implement it, which is not just a longer process, it’s a three-step process, you read specification, write code, and then write test code, but also, what happens from time to time is that QA engineers misunderstand what needs to be done. Then once they coded it, it doesn’t match what business meant, and therefore what’s happening is just engineers would need to rewrite it again as you all know engineers’ time is very expensive and hard to come by, so with testRigor, it makes this order of magnitude more efficient once baseline tests are all automated. What our customers do is they start to write specifications in English before functionality is coded by engineers. What it helps them to achieve is that not only, of course, is the order of magnitude less effort, because there’s no QA engineering involved but most importantly, since those specifications are executable in English, if it’s impossible to do by engineers, engineers will be able to discover those issues and discrepancies early on whereas no miscommunication between product management and engineering it kills ambiguity and what needs to be done.