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FAQ – Whats the most efficient way to use testRigor?

We have two most efficient ways to use testRigor. The first part is how you automate your existing test cases. And for that, you can literally outline your own terminology in testRigor to be more specific actions, and then literally copy-paste your own test cases, which will become executable in testRigor out of the box. After that is done the next step would be writing test cases before engineering started working on a feature because your own terminology has already been outlined. Your product managers can write up how new features should work using their own terminology. This test would be executable before engineering starts and as soon as engineering starts there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done. And that specification itself is a test so you’ll have test coverage going before engineering ATDD style for UI tests which will allow you to achieve as efficient engineering as it’s technically possible.