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How testRigor Helps To Save Budget And Improve Test Coverage

The reason why our customers decided to go with testRigor is that it helps to save the budget and improve test coverage at the same time.

This is how:
  1. You can empower your manual testers to build test automation effectively.
  2. Their performance will be 15X faster compare to QA Automation Engineers with traditional systems like Selenium.
  3. Your team will spend 200X times less time maintaining tests, which will open up more time to build tests.

In fact, our customers usually achieve 100% test coverage within weeks to months since implementing testRigor. After that, they only need to add new tests for new functionality and spend about an hour a week maintaining existing tests.

One of the examples is IDT.

They were able to achieve 90%+ automation within months from starting to use testRigor.

Here is their case study.

And here is their testimonial, where they explained how they achieved these results:

There are two main reasons why companies are so successful:
  1. Empowering anyone to be able to build tests and improving communications and processes in the organization.
  2. Fixing the test maintenance problem for good.
The first one is self-explanatory, testRigor users can write things like:
click "My Product"
select "3" from "Quantity"
click "Add to cart"
check that page contains "My Product"

which is a simple add to cart test and doesn’t require any coding skills to write.

The second one is something everyone is overlooking: in the industry today, companies are stuck with on average 30% of test cases automated because all of their resources are completely bogged down in test maintenance. The maintenance on tests grows so quickly, that at 350 tests it consumes an Engineer full time to just maintain the tests. Therefore the difference in performance looks like this:

This is the main reason why companies can’t achieve 100% test automation. And testRigor is the only tool on the market that can help effectively.

And, of course, the main value comes from bugs that are not leaked to production saving companies hundreds of millions of dollars that might have been lost to bugs.

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