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Infor CloudSuite Corporate Testing

Website: http://www.infor.com/cloud/cloudsuite-corporate/

Infor CloudSuite Corporate, a pioneering back-office platform, harnesses the power of cloud technology to effectively manage all facets of your organization’s operational structures. With a comprehensive focus on key business areas, including finance, supply chain, human capital, sales, and customer relationships, this platform is a versatile tool that adapts to your specific organizational processes.

The implementation of Infor CloudSuite Corporate involves elaborate modifications of the system’s default behavior to suit your unique business requirements. This is done to ensure the system aligns with the modus operandi of your enterprise, promoting seamless operation and utilization. However complex, these modifications enhance your implementation and contribute to the platform’s adaptability.

With every modification and update, it is of paramount importance to ascertain that any changes previously made continue to function as intended. Manual validation is typically the initial step in this process. A team of dedicated testers would be tasked with scrutinizing the existing functionality to verify its operational integrity.

However, with the scale and complexity of validation tasks growing, it often becomes a time-consuming endeavor. This not only hampers the momentum of your technological progress but also poses the risk of errors due to human oversight. The sheer volume of validation required could lead to substantial issues being overlooked, making the process less reliable.

At this juncture, the necessity for an automation system to replace manual validation activities becomes clear. Automation can significantly reduce the time and resources spent on validation, while also enhancing its accuracy and efficiency. However, this process does present its own set of challenges:
  • The issue of constant updates and test maintenance. Infor CloudSuite Corporate is frequently updated with new versions, which can cause your test automation to fail due to subtle changes introduced in the new release. This could render a significant portion of your tests obsolete, thus defeating the whole purpose of test automation.
  • The requirement to hire engineers capable of building automation. These highly-skilled professionals can be challenging to find and represent a substantial investment for your organization.
There is a solution: meet testRigor. testRigor is a revolutionary human emulator that understands English and executes tests from the perspective of an end-user. This innovative approach to automation allows your organization to simultaneously accomplish multiple significant objectives:
  • Enable your existing employees to build test automation, regardless of their technical proficiency. Since testRigor is an AI-driven, no-code solution, setting up the environment and building tests is a much more efficient process than with traditional testing tools.
  • Ensure your automation system is robust enough to withstand the release of new versions. testRigor does not rely on the detailed specifics of the implementation like other systems. This results in unparalleled stability, saving countless hours every week.
  • Enhance visibility within the team, as anyone will be able to understand the tests and contribute if needed.
Here’s an example of how a test will look like in testRigor:
create new lead
go to leads
check that table at row containing stored value "lastName" and column "Status" contains "Created"

The intuitive nature of testRigor makes it a reliable and user-friendly option for automated testing in the context of Infor CloudSuite Corporate. If you’re interested in discovering how testRigor can enhance your automated testing, fill out the form below to request a demonstration. This hands-on experience will allow you to see firsthand how testRigor can work in synergy with Infor CloudSuite Corporate to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

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