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Release Notes: Unique error filters, remote desktop testing, renaming files, label filter, screenshots

This week, we worked on improvements for search filters, remote desktop testing and test data.

Errors (Filter for unique errors)

In the Errors section, users can now filter Unique Errors by error message, severity, status, category, and accessibility issue.

Desktop Application Testing (Remote Desktop Testing)

We added a feature to get details of desktop apps via Microsoft Windows Application Driver.

  • This feature gives us more alternatives to locate elements for desktop app testing, which was previously only via OCR.
  • See documentation here.

Renaming files

Users can now rename files before uploading them.

  • This feature works whether you use the enter or drag command to upload your file.
  • New names can also be used as stored values


Rename file by value:

enter stored value "storedFile" into input file "single-file" with filename "newFileName"

Rename file by reference:

enter stored value "storedFile" into input file "single-file" with filename from stored value "filename1"

Rename multiple files:

enter from the string with parameters text starting from next line and ending with [END]
${storedFile} with filename from stored value "filename1"
${storedFile3} with filename "otherName"
[END] into file input "multi-file"

Filters (Dropdown for labels)

There is now a filter to search for test cases by one or more labels.

  • To view it, click Show advanced options.
  • Narrow the search by typing partial or full strings that match the desired labels.


Screenshots on each step now have the date and time they were taken. Click on any screenshot of the execution and find the timestamp in the top right corner.