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Release Notes: API (Multiple body parameters)

This week, we released the ability to use multiple body parameters for API calls.

API calls

It is now possible to use more than one body parameter.

  • We need to use and in the command to add a new body parameter.


check that api call was made to POST "https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/search?key" with body containing "oq=testrigor" and "browserName"
  • Users can define the parameter type as text or json path to perform the validation.
  • Text is used by default when no type is specified, and it is used where text is specified.
    • When text is the type, testRigor will compare the value as it is.

Example: body containing "oq=testrigor" or body containing text "oq=testrigor"

  • JSON is used only when specified.
    • Parameters should have a key and a value separated by a colon (:).

Example: body containing json "hl: en"

  • JSON PATH, also used only when specified, is more technical and more powerful.
    • Users should specify a json path as in the documentation here.

Example: body containing json path "$.context.client[?(@.hl=='en')]"

  • We can combine different types as in the example below:
check that api call was made to POST "https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/search?key" with body containing json "hl: en" and "browserName" and json path "$.context.client[?(@.hl=='en')]"
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