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Release Notes: Custom Fields in JIRA, Generative AI Test Case Generation, Validate Outgoing Browser API Calls, CAPTCHA

This week, we added support for custom fields with our Jira integration, we released our first iteration of Generative AI for test case generation, we added browser API validation, and Captcha.

JIRA (Custom Fields)

testRigor now allows users to assign values for custom fields in Jira. The name of the Jira field must be the one that starts with customfield_.

Test Case Generation (Generative AI)

testRigor released Generative AI capability to allow our customers to generate tests based on just test case description.

See detailed documentation about this functionality here.


testRigor has added a way to validate API calls made by the browser filtering by request URL, request headers and request body. The validation also allows users to specify the response status code and the response headers. This is only supported on Chrome and Edge browsers.

See more documentation on this feature here.


testRigor has added support to resolve image to text and google re-captcha type captchas.
This command requires the user to contact sales to activate it on their plan, as it is an extra paid feature.

For image type captchas we need the user to specify the element

resolve captcha of type image from "normal captcha"

For Google recaptcha type captchas we will detect it from the page

resolve captcha of type recaptcha

See detailed documentation here.