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Release Notes: Downloaded Files, Browser Alerts/Prompts, OS-level Screenshots

Last week, we released several new features.

Downloaded Files

  • We added the ability to save downloaded files as variables to be used at a different point within the test case.
check that file what downloaded and save it as "varName"

Browser Alerts/Prompts

  • We added the ability to accept browser alerts or prompts. It is mainly useful to accept these prompts when they have a mandatory field. 
accept alert with value "John"
accept prompt with value "John"
accept alert with stored value "name"


  • We added an option in settings to take OS-level screenshots for desktop browsers in NON-HEADLESS mode. Originally, screenshots only showed what was in the viewport (portion of the browser screen containing the UI.) Browser based popups, extension icons and OS prompts were not visible. With this new feature, they will be visible if there is a need to view them.

Location: Settings -> Advanced -> How to take screenshots

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