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Release Notes: QR Code recognition, Retry Notification

This week, we added a way to read QR codes as well as a notification of how many times a test was retried during a run.

QR Code Recognition

It is now possible to scan a QR code from stored values and from an element on the screen.

  • To do so, we can use commands like the following:
scan qr-code value from "code-container" and save as "code"
scan qr code from stored value "saved-qr-code" and save as "code"
scan based on qr code value from first "container" and save as "code"
scan value from qr-code value on the middle of the screen and save as "code"
scan value based on qr code from "code-container" on the right of "QR Code 2" and save as "code"

Retry Notification

The number of retries will now be visible in the test case panel just below the Execution ID.