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Release Notes: TOTP/Two-factor authentication, multi-point drag, desktop app

This week, we added the ability to drag to multiple points, we added another way to handle one-time passwords, and we made it easier to test desktop applications.

Drag (Drag to multiple points)

We implemented a command to drag the mouse to multiple points without releasing the click.

  • Use the following syntax:
drag "firstElement" through "element2" through "element3" to "finalElement"
drag "firstElement" to "finalElement" through "element2" through "element3"

*Note: We can also use via in the place of through.

  • We can also use offsets (coordinates) on the same canvas.
drag "canvas1" with offset "0,0" to "canvas1" with offset "50,0" via "canvas1" with offset "0,50" through "canvas1" with offset "50,50"
drag "canvas1" with offset "0,0" via "canvas1" with offset "0,50" through "canvas1" with offset "50,50" to "canvas1" with offset "50,0"

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is available for desktop web applications and Windows remote desktop.

Google Authentication/TOTP

In addition to QR-codes, Google Authenticator pin codes can now be generated from text secrets.

generate totp code using "mysecret" and save it as "code"
generate google code from stored value "myStoredSecret" and save it as "code"
generate pin with totp using "mysecret" and save it as "code"

Desktop App Testing (Remote Desktop Testing)

Test case command can now use the AutomationId attribute to refer to elements on the screen.

  • To do this, it is necessary to set up Windows Application Driver on the VM being used for testing your desktop application and provide the URL in Settings -> Remote Desktop -> Windows Application Driver URL.