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VAIL-ERP Testing

Website: https://velosiaims.com/Services/VAILERP

VAIL- ERP is a business management software that offers integrated, cost-efficient, and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. This software streamlines data related to accounting, personnel, materials, cost and time resources, purchasing, and payroll creation for a company, enabling smooth integration across all levels.

Designed with a single, specific data structure and a shared database, ERP systems ensure that information throughout the organization is standardized and based on common definitions and user experiences. This central framework interconnects with workflow-driven processes across various departments, such as finance, HR, engineering, marketing, and operations, connecting both systems and users. In essence, ERP is a tool for integrating people, processes, and technology within a contemporary enterprise.

Additionally, ERP ensures that data fields and attributes align with the appropriate account in the company’s general ledger, allowing for accurate tracking and representation of all costs. For example, if an automotive manufacturer used different terms for “front brake pads” in various software systems or spreadsheets, it would be challenging to determine annual spending and evaluate potential changes to suppliers or pricing negotiations.

The system includes the following modules:
The diagram below showcases the users and their assigned roles.
• Accounts Management System
• Human Resource Management System
• Cost Time Resource
• Procurement
• Payroll

For VAIL-ERP implementation, you have several complex implementations that modify the system's default behavior to fit your processes. Therefore, as a part of rolling out and updating this implementation, you want to ensure that any previously made changes still function as expected.

Often you'd start with manual validation. Then, some assigned individuals would go through the existing functionality to ensure it works correctly.

Eventually, however, you'll realize that the validation volume is so high that it takes much time, hindering efforts to move forward efficiently. Also, humans are prone to making errors and sometimes missing important issues.

This is where you start to think about automation for your manual validation activity.

However, it is challenging for several reasons:
  • You need to hire a QA Engineer to build automation (these are hard to come by and very costly).
  • Once you start automating, you'll discover that as soon as VAIL-ERP releases a new version, your test automation breaks because of subtle new changes in the release. This makes the majority of your tests fail, defeating the whole purpose of automation in the first place.
Meet testRigor. testRigor is a human emulator that understands English and executes tests from an end-user perspective. This way, you can achieve two goals at the same time:
  • Empower your existing employees who are now focused on manual testing to be able to build test automation regardless of their skill level.
  • testRigor automation won't break between releases because it just doesn't rely on details of implementation like all other systems do.
An example of a test could be:

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