Ultra-stable Salesforce testing

Test Salesforce as simple as using BDD-friendly executable plain English like the one below:

create a new lead
select "Mr" from "Salutation"
generate unique name, then enter into "First Name" and save as "firstName"
enter "Grossman" into "Last Name"
enter "1234567890" into "Phone"
enter "IC" into "Company"
click "Save"
check that page contains "created"
check that page contains stored value "firstName"

to explain in plain English how to find elements and what actions to do from an end-user perspective.

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Get to production in hours instead of weeks. testRigor test suite fails 0.01% of the time vs 100% of the time for Selenium test suites on average. This enables you to use acceptance-level tests for your CD.

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Start testing withing minutes. Build several tests the day you sign up. Eliminate repetitive grunt work and free your QA team from manual click-through regression testing and managing automated scripts. Refocus your test team to work on building new tests, discovery testing and other more sophisticated testing initiatives.

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testRigor is the only platform that extracts unique issues from all the tests and allows you to adapt to the new changes with couple of button clicks and small refactoring.

Enable team scaling

Scale your software engineering teams by allowing them to focus on what matters. testRigor’s
autonomous functional UI testing gives you coverage reflecting your most frequently used functionality in production. Need more sophisticated tests? Just express them in plain English.

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Test and ship faster without putting functionality at risk. More stable testing scripts give you the test coverage you need without the maintenance and management overhead you hate, shortening dev cycles and letting you focus on building great products faster.

For Developers

Reduce your time wasted on end-to-end test maintenance to almost none. Override testRigor tests within your git commits to keep your tests always green.

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Integrate with Jenkins, Spinnaker, Azure DevOps, CircleCI or any other CI/CD system easily. Enable team's scalability and speed. Enjoy delivering 10X value to the business.

For QA Professionals and SREs

Reduce time wasted on repetitive and time-consuming manual regression testing and script maintenance, so you can refocus your testing efforts on branch, discovery and other high-value, sophisticated testing.

Companies increase 5X their test code base with almost no overhead.

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