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Bank-style Functional Monitoring in Production

How do banks do testing in production?

Don’t get us wrong – banks do test their software thoroughly before pushing any new version to production. But even once it’s in production, they need to continuously run test scripts to monitor all the important functions like payment, moving money, etc., and ensure the software is running correctly for all users, all the time.

Why do they do that?  Banking architecture is quite sophisticated as you might imagine. There are many interconnected systems involved in any non-trivial action a user does. They want to make sure that their users can still do what they expect to do in production and they want to catch any issues with any of the components before users start complaining. Loss of availability literally costs money to them. And yes, they do actually move money from account to account and perform small payments.

That sounds cool, I want the same!

TestRigor actually has a way for you to set up similar production monitoring. You can run all testing you can do on regular bases with us and we will notify you if stuff would get broken:

You can use our English language processing to describe the use-cases you’d like to test. Or just use our crawler/recording your users in production to discover them all automatically.