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Natural Language Processing for Software Testing

At TestRigor we are proud to announce that we release the first version of what is the base of Natural Language Processing for testing based on the power of our TestRigor platform.

Here is how it works:

You can click on “+ Add custom scenario” and describe the steps and checks you want it to perform. We support the following:

Action Subaction Options Example
click index times click on the 3rd “hello” 5 times
hover index hover over 3rd “hello”
switch tab switch to tab “3”
generate generate by regex “[a-z]{10,18}”, then enter into “Notes” and save as “actionNotes”
enter enter stored value “actionNotes” into 3rd “Notes”
enter enter “peter” into 3rd “Notes”
check generic contains check that page contains “hello”
┬ácheck reference contains check that page contains stored value from “actionNotes”
check element check that “peter” contains “hello”

For checks we support:

  1. contains
  2. color
  3. “is clickable”/”is not clickable”
  4. cursor
  5. has CSS class
  6. background color
  7. has options selected (for selects)

You can reference elements by text on/in them, hints, CSS classes, title, id, name or image description like “plus” for “+”.

All references must be in double quotes, which can be escaped by backslash.

The system can do much more than that – you can find all of the documentation here.