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Release Notes: Reusable rules via API

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made several significant updates.

API (CI/CD Integration)

A list of rules is now supported in our CI/CD Integration API. With this new feature, the user can define new rules or update existing ones.

  • If the list of rules is sent on a baseline run, it will update and add rules to the test suite.
  • If the API call is made as a branch run, all new rules are used in the execution but don’t affect the original rules.

This new feature can be used with "explicitMutations": true. In that case, if the API call is made as a branch run, only the rules defined on the list will be used in the execution.

WARNING: If "explicitMutations": true is used without the branch run option, the execution is made in the baseline (the visible suite in the testRigor UI) and all the rules that are not defined on the list will be removed from your suite.