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Release Notes: Android tablet, API for reports, regex update

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made several significant updates.

Android Tablet Support

We added Android tablets to testRigor’s mobile device selection.

The following devices are currently available on our infrastructure:
  • 11″ Android 11 64-bit tablet, which is similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (2560×1600, 280 ppi)
  • 10″ Android 11 64-bit tablet, which is similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5, Amazon Fire HD 10 (1920×1200, 213 ppi)
  • 8″ Android 11 64-bit tablet, which is similar to Amazon Fire HD 8 (1280×800, 180 ppi)

API for Reports

We added overall results to the response of the status API https://api.testrigor.com/api/v1/apps/<suite-id>/ status when the Accept: application/json header is specified.

  "overallResults": {
    "Total": 5,
    "In queue": 3,
    "In progress": 0,
    "Failed": 0,
    "Passed": 2,
    "Canceled": 0,
    "Not started": 0,
    "Crash": 0

Regex Update

We released a new version of our RegEx parser. It should work significantly faster and it supports international characters out of the box. See detailed documentation here: https://testrigor.com/docs/regex-support/.

Execution Page

The execution page now has a direct link to the test run that the test case execution belongs to. This link can be found in the part of the breadcrumb at the top of the page that says Run#.

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