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Release Notes: API calls, Homepage, sitemaps, toast messages, mixed infrastructures

Last week, we released several new features.

API Calls

  • We can now add more than one jasonPath/variableName to get more than one attribute of the API response.
  • Example:
call api post "http://dummy.restapiexample.com/api/v1/create"
with headers "Content-Type:application/json" and "Accept:application/json" 
and body "{"name":"Felipe","salary":"123","age":"29"}" 
and get "$.data.name" and save it as "createdName"
and get "$.data.age" and save it as "createdAge" 
and get "$.data.salary" and save it as "createdSalary"

*Note: Do NOT add line breaks for each attribute that will be saved. These were added only for viewer purposes, but it will not work in test cases if there is a line break.


  • On the home page, we show the number of servers in use and the limit of servers.
  • In the closed folder, we show the number of servers in use if any.

Sitemap Support

  • A new command has been added to crawl the sitemap of any website that is either in XML or TEXT format.
  • Examples:
crawl sitemap "https://www.mywebsite.com/sitemap.txt"
go through sitemap "https://www.mywebsite.com/sitemap.txt"
crawl sitemap "https://www.mywebsite.com/testrail/sitemap_index.xml"

Toast Messages/OCR

  • We added the ability to use only OCR for screen parsing for individual check and click commands, which allows us to capture and interact with short-lasting toast messages before they disappear.
  • Examples:
check page contains "Search" using OCR only
click button "Run" using OCR only


  • We can now mix mobile (Android) testRigor infra with an external provider (currently, only one extra provider is permitted). For example, in a mobile Android suite built on testRigor’s infrastructure, you can add new devices from BrowserStack (or the provider of your choice within the integrations we offer).