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Release Notes: Auto-scroll for validations, Mongo DB, max for auto-apply rules, downloaded file content

Over the last couple of weeks, we added MongoDB connectivity and we added the ability to save text from downloaded files as a variable.

Auto-scroll control for Validations

We added a new setting to support scrolling automatically to the first anchor when using relative locations.

It can be found in Settings->Speed Optimizations->Performance

Database Support

We added support for Mongo DB to our database integration. Now you can connect to these types of databases and query them using any supported command as specified on

Auto-apply Rules

It is now possible to limit the number of times a rule is automatically applied.

  • To enable it, create a reusable rule and click Fields related to auto-apply rules and auto-discovery.
  • Enable the Auto apply on every step of every test case checkbox after which a Define the maximum number of times the rule can be applied checkbox will become visible.

Enable the option to Define the maximum number of times the rule can be applied and select the maximum number of times you desire for this rule to be executed in any given test case in the Apply at most field.

Downloaded File Content

Users can now extract the text from downloaded file content and save it as a text variable with the following syntax.

check that file was downloaded and save text as "file_text_1"