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Release Notes: Generative AI Version 1.0, On-prem Azure DevOps Integration

This week, we added a powerful and promising feature to generate test cases using AI.

Generative AI

testRigor has released the ability to add AI-based reusable rules to test cases.

  • To create an AI-based rule, simply add the specification to the test script.
  • Avoid using normal keywords so that testRigor doesn’t confuse the AI rule with a normal command.
  • Quotation marks are not necessary.
  • When the test case is triggered, a pop up will appear asking how the new command should be treated, at which time the user can select AI-based rule.
  • Once the case has been executed, AI-based rules can be modified in the Reusable Rules section by disabling the AI-based rule checkbox. Once this occurs, the rule will behave the way normal rules do.
  • As long as the AI-based rule checkbox is enabled, the specification will be executed by AI on every single execution.

*Important Note: The AI is trained to view the page as if it were the first time. It does not base its actions on any previous interaction with the UI.

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We have added support for the on-premise version of Azure DevOps.

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