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Release Notes: Grab values, Extract values

Last week, we simplified two processes that were previously only possible with regular expressions.

Grab Values

  • We added the ability to grab value by template. See more at https://testrigor.com/docs/language/#grab.
  • This was previously only possible by Regex, which was a less user-friendly, codelike solution.
  • A common use case would be an email where it is necessary to save an OPT (one-time password) that is a 6-digit code. Use the following command to do so:
grab value by template "######" and save it as "OPT"

Extract Values

    • We added the ability to extract value by template. 
    • This was also only possible by Regex. 
    • This is particularly useful when a value has been saved and not all of the value is needed. You can extract the value from a variable that has already been saved. 
    • See more about extracting values at https://testrigor.com/docs/language/#extract.
    • Find another great example of how value extraction works can be found at https://testrigor.com/docs/language/#sms.