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Release Notes: Indexing dropdowns, DNS proxy, Kobiton Integration, Database Connection

Last week, we simplified the database connection string.


  • We included a new way to select an option in a dropdown/select by its position. This way will try to select the option only by index and will fail if it is not possible. Here are some examples of the command:
select option 10 from "dropdown"
select 1st option from "dropdown"
select second option from "dropdown"


  • We added an option to specify custom DNS servers for Android devices provided by tR.
  • This option can be found in the Settings section of your testRigor UI inside the Proxy tab (Only in suites for Android).

Integrations/Infrastructure Provider

  • testRigor can now run native mobile tests using Kobiton as an external infrastructure provider. 

Database Connection

  • We included a dropdown to select the JDBC by database.
  • We also added separate fields for username and password of the connection.
  • The username and password of the connection string can be overwritten in test cases using the variables “usernameJDBC” and “passwordJDBC“. 
    • Expressions like the following may be used:
save stored value "user2" as "usernameJDBC"
save stored value "pwdUser2" as "passwordJDBC"
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