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Release Notes: LambdaTest Integration, Custom fields for Jira, Mulpti-selection, Test suite info for homepage

Last week, we released features to improve our integrations and the user experience.


  • We added the option to enable a tunnel for the LambdaTest integration.


  • We added the option for custom fields to our Jira ticket integration.

Bulk Selection

  • We added the ability to select all the test cases found in a search. This way a group of test cases can be deleted or run in bulk.
    • First, add you filter through a search.
    • Second, click the “Select Multiple” button¬†
    • Third, click the “Select All” checkbox

Test Suite Info

  • We added quick reports to see the status of the test cases of a suite from the home page. Just click on the ¬†icon to see the progress.
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