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Release Notes: Multiple db connections, export executions, scroll wheel, video validation, auto apply rules, rerun confirmation popup

Last week, a variety of additions were made.

Database Connections

  • We made improvements in the way we integrate with databases to allow setup of multiple database connections in a single suite.
  • The SQL command was updated to accept the connection name. 
    • Example:
run sql query "...." using connection "connectionName"
    • If the connection name has not been filled in, the first connection in the settings will be used as the default.
  • We implemented the possibility to update the connection settings at runtime using the following variables: connectionName:usernameJDBC, connectionName:passwordJDBC and connectionName:connStringJDBC

Export Executions

  • You can now export the execution of a test case as a .docx or .pdf file. To do so, click on the execution link of any test case, which is located on the left side just above the screenshots. Then click on the  or  icon at the top of the desired execution in order to download the report.


  • You can now scroll using the mouse wheel as long as an element is specified. It can be any element on the page.
    • For example:
scroll down on "text" using the mouse

Video Validation

  • You can now validate whether a video is playing or whether an object is changing.
    • Here is an example of new commands:
check that video is playing
check that video "marketing" is playing
    • Other possible options are: “is updating”, “is changing”
    • The descriptor after the video can be used to identify an element. Also “element” can be used in the command instead of “video”. E.g.,:
check that element "gif name" is updating
    • A negative test can also be used. E.g.,:
check that video is not playing

Reusable rules

  • We added an option to automatically apply a rule on every step.
    • This requires a precondition, which, only if it is met, the steps of the rule will be triggered.
    • This is useful for unpredictable situations like random popup screens.  
  • You can find the fields in the Reusable Rules Section in a dropdown below the steps of the rule.


  • Clicking the Rerun button in the Test Suite Details Section will now prompt a confirmation popup.