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Release Notes: Restart app command, custom attributes

Last week, we released a new command for native mobile tests.


  • It is now possible to use a custom step called restart app which will close the main app and open it without clearing the data.

Custom Attributes

  • We added the ability to define HTML attributes that testRigor does not consider for by default. This is helpful for elements that do not have a unique way to be identified. If developers add a custom attribute, it is recommended that these attributes are used to give a plain-English name to these elements that are otherwise difficult to locate and that these name never change in order to ensure the stability of your test cases.
  • Users can find the place to define these attributes in Settings -> Advanced in the Custom attributes to consider for finding elements new line separated: field.

  • Take the image below from a snippet of HTML, for example:

  • If you need to click on a logo that doesn’t have a label associated with it, you can add the alt attribute into the settings, and testRigor will now be able to find it during test executions.