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Release Notes: Reusable Rule Parameterization, Native navigation buttons for mobile devices

Last week, we made a significant upgrade to the reusable rules functionality.

Reusable Rules

  • It is now possible to use dynamic values with reusable rules.
    • Example steps:
enter stored value "product" into "search"
click link stored value "product"
click stored value "button"
  • For the example steps above, you can create a rule like
search "product" click on the "link" and then press "button"
  • The content between "" is the name of the variable that can be accessed in the steps.
  • You can use quotation marks "" or arrows <>.
  • You can also enter the value directly into the quotation marks or use stored value "variableName" if you want to use a variable that is already stored.


  • It is now possible to tap the Home button for Android and iOS.
    • Use the following commands to do so:
press home
click home
press home button
click home button
  • It is now possibly to tap the Recently Opened Apps button on Android
    • Use the following commands to do so:
press recent
click recent
press recent button
click recent button
  • The ability to do the same on iOS is under development.