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Release Notes: User roles, Synonyms

This week, we added the first iteration of User Roles within an enterprise account and synonyms.

User Roles

The owner of an enterprise account can visit our brand new “Company” page under the profile menu and view/manage company related information such as name, settings, single sign-on and collaborators.


We implemented a feature to search for synonyms if an element is not found on the screen. This is to self-heal test cases when terminology on your page has slightly changed.

  • A message will be shown in Extra info below the screenshot if an element was found by a synonym in the test case. For example:
    • Element 'Well' found by synonym 'good'
  • We created an option to enable/disable it in Settings -> Advanced -> Search for synonyms if an element is not found. This option is enabled by default for new test suites.
  • Suites created before the release of this feature have this option disabled to avoid changing the behavior of existing test cases.