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Release Notes: Zoom in/out, Run Names, Typing Speed

This week, we added support for zooming, changing run names and modifying typing speed.

Zoom in/out (mobile only)

We added commands to zoom in/zoom out using pinch gestures on iOS/Android devices native testing.

  • With this command, users can…
    • …zoom in/zoom out without specifying location or percentage, in which case, the default position is the center of the screen and the default percentage is 50%
    • …specify the percentage of the zoom action and the position on the screen where it should be applied.
    • …specify elements and offsets to zoom in/zoom out on.
  • Examples:
zoom in
zoom out "20" % from the middle of the screen
zoom in "10" % on "element" with offset "10,10"

Run Names

When starting a full or branch retest or a retest by labels , users can now enter a custom name for the run.

  • In Test Suite Details, click Additional run settings to access the new Run name field.
  • Users can also rename previous runs in the All Runs section.

Typing Speed (Android Only)

We added a new setting on Android to control how quickly our bots type words into fields. This matters on platforms with sensitive human detection protocols or in input fields that may need more than zero milliseconds to process keystrokes.

  • The setting can be found in Settings -> Speed optimizations -> Delay between pressing keyboard keys (milliseconds).
  • The default value is 0 (practically no delay).