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TACTIC | Open Source Testing

TACTIC is a versatile, open source software that enables the construction of a broad range of enterprise solutions, incorporating Digital Asset Management and Workflow elements. Creating a TACTIC setup for end-users can take time and requires additional resources. However, the result is a completely functional business solution tailored to your organization.

TACTIC’s components:

Data Management: TACTIC offers the opportunity for using arbitrary data models, accessing numerous databases from assorted locations, and delivering them via a single unified interface.

File System Management: Digital files can be classified according to any appropriate metadata, such as the filename, type, date, project, or producer. Automated file naming rules and event triggering assure consistent, secure, and predictable file storage.

Workflow & Automation: TACTIC features an automated system that applies business logic customized to specific workflows, ensuring smooth workflow processes and teamwork effectiveness.

Web Framework: Web-based apps let you share, preview, develop, and deliver digital assets globally 24/7. The fully customizable interfaces, themes, views, and widgets contribute to improved brand visibility and resource utilization.

Key Features

TACTIC offers numerous key features that simplify and fast track the creation and deployment of enterprise data-driven software.

Reference Apps

TACTIC allows the creation of a broad spectrum of applications driven by HTML5. See how various solutions could employ TACTIC.

The Perks of Using TACTIC

TACTIC merges elements of traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM), Production Asset Management (PAM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools to streamline production environments. Its configuration and customization are based on standard HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript components, providing an environment familiar to new users. With its user-friendly interface and adaptive data and open-source models, TACTIC is a workflow solution that can be customized to fit any company’s unique needs.

TACTIC incorporates real-time tracking of digital assets throughout the production process, turning data into easily searchable assets. Its automated capabilities provide efficient naming, sorting, tracking, and searching of digital assets, streamlining workflow organization. By automating critical data management functions, TACTIC ensures efficient delivery and avoids files being misplaced or lost.

TACTIC’s powerful API allows users to modify data and access the check-in function, connecting to the server’s backend features. API implementations are available for Python, JavaScript, the .NET platform, and any language that supports XMLRPC implementations. Many clients have successfully integrated disparate systems using TACTIC’s API and backend, creating a unified architecture.

All CRM systems are ultra-flexible and meant to be tailor-made for your organization’s unique needs and processes. If you want to set up TACTIC | Open Source for your business or already have it, here is the news. It might get tricky with time because they release updates, new patches, and configuration changes every now and then. So, you have got to make sure that all the custom tweaks you have made still work after these updates.

Traditionally, these checks are run manually by QA teams or a few assigned team members. With your organization’s growth, the TACTIC | Open Source workflows get complicated, and the volume of data being handled also turns massive. Manual testing could be time-consuming and prone to errors. Plus, it’s hard to cover everything with manual checks, given the vast breadth of the system.

That is where test automation comes in to save you from all this validation chaos. It can save you a ton of time and make sure everything runs smoothly, with minimum effort. But, of course, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some challenges:

Constant Updates and Maintenance: CRM systems like TACTIC | Open Source keep evolving and growing, so your automation scripts might break when they release new changes. So, you have got to keep an eye on these changes and have the test scripts updated and maintained accordingly. What an overhead!

Complex UI: The power of CRM systems lies in their ability to handle complex business workflows. Consequently, it reflects on its user interface with dynamic object IDs, nested iFrames, and detailed object trees. Automating it with traditional automation tools is like solving a puzzle; now and then, it will put you in a tight spot.

Custom Reports: The reports here are tailor-made for your specific needs, and automating them with legacy test automation tools requires your engineers to have expertise in programming skills.

Test Data: Handling massive data and sensitive information is a big deal. You need to be super careful with it. Requires using test data management to extract, mask, edit, and maintain the test data.

Skilled Engineers: You need smart people who know their way around automation tools and coding. Finding and keeping them can be a real challenge.

But wait, keep hope. Fortunately, here is a solution: testRigor, an absolute game-changer!

It is like your AI buddy who speaks English and creates tests just like a human would.

With testRigor, you can:

  1. Let anyone in your team build test automation in plain English, regardless of their technical skills. It is super easy to use because it is a no-code solution. Use the power of generative AI to build robust test cases quickly in plain English.
  2. Say goodbye to worrying about new TACTIC | Open Source updates and versions that keep breaking your tests. testRigor is smart and adapts automatically, saving you tons of time.

    Unlike other test automation tools, testRigor does not rely on detailed implementation specifics like XPath/CSS locators. Moreover, testRigor’s self-healing capabilities automatically incorporate these new changes in the test scripts and result in unparalleled stability, saving you countless weekly maintenance hours.
  3. Manage your test data like a pro. It can generate all sorts of data (we have built-in 50+ test data types), which is perfect for testing complex workflows containing email, phone numbers, names, URLs, credit card numbers, SSNs, Google authenticator codes, etc.
  4. Quickly test sending and receiving emails, SMS, phone calls, etc. You can easily test file upload, download, and check file content, which is quite a task using manual testing or traditional test automation.
  5. Make teamwork and collaboration a breeze with its expansive integrations. Everyone in your team can understand and contribute to the tests using plain English.
Here is a testRigor’s test case example:
create new lead
go to leads
check that table at row containing stored value "lastName" and column "Status" contains "Created"

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