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Website: https://theerphub.com/erp-modules/

TheERPHub offers ERP software for small to medium-sized businesses, delivering online ERP solutions on top-quality cloud infrastructure with customization options. This advanced and cost-effective ERP system caters to various industries such as manufacturing, trading and distribution, services, and transportation, including an attendance and payroll system. Designed and developed by Stersoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the company primarily focuses on creating and developing web and mobile applications for a wide range of industries, using emerging technologies to supply cutting-edge and up-to-date software and web applications for the past 20 years.

The dedicated team at TheERPHub is committed to providing clients with the latest ERP solutions at affordable prices, offering numerous modules within a centralized system and on-premises ERP setups. With a significant emphasis on internet security, TheERPHub ensures its software and applications are highly secure, promoting business growth and minimizing concerns about security breaches. The goal is to offer well-protected, highly automated software that requires minimal manpower, resulting in increased profits, business expansion, and a strong market reputation.

TheERPHub primarily focuses on developing business applications involving web and mobile app development. Their software is marked by highly interactive graphics and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, the software is versatile and can be adapted for use by any organization with minor modifications. A strong emphasis is placed on excellent customer service, as client satisfaction remains a top priority for TheERPHub.

For TheERPHub implementation, you have several complex implementations that modify the system's default behavior to fit your processes. Therefore, as a part of rolling out and updating this implementation, you want to ensure that any previously made changes still function as expected.

Often you'd start with manual validation. Then, some assigned individuals would go through the existing functionality to ensure it works correctly.

Eventually, however, you'll realize that the validation volume is so high that it takes much time, hindering efforts to move forward efficiently. Also, humans are prone to making errors and sometimes missing important issues.

This is where you start to think about automation for your manual validation activity.

However, it is challenging for several reasons:
  • You need to hire a QA Engineer to build automation (these are hard to come by and very costly).
  • Once you start automating, you'll discover that as soon as TheERPHub releases a new version, your test automation breaks because of subtle new changes in the release. This makes the majority of your tests fail, defeating the whole purpose of automation in the first place.
Meet testRigor. testRigor is a human emulator that understands English and executes tests from an end-user perspective. This way, you can achieve two goals at the same time:
  • Empower your existing employees who are now focused on manual testing to be able to build test automation regardless of their skill level.
  • testRigor automation won't break between releases because it just doesn't rely on details of implementation like all other systems do.
An example of a test could be:

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