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Looking for a complete testing solution? Our end-to-end testing tools are for you. Loved by experts and non-coders alike.
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End-to-end Testing Tools

Greater Efficiency Project-Wide
The days of painstaking end-to-end testing are over. Our tools were built to make automated end-to-end UI testing reliable and accessible to anyone in the QA space. With testRigor, your team will spend more time building robust tests and less time writing and maintaining end-to-end test coverage.

Best End-to-end Testing Framework

Unparalleled Testing Optimization
Better end-to-end test coverage
Plain-English tests persist through changes in the underlying framework
More stable tests throughout your entire automated test suite
Lower cost to maintain coverage allows building more tests
Less time spent on test maintenance
Receive test suite results in minutes, not hours or days
Reduce tedious manual regression testing so that your test can focus on non-repetitive tests
AI-driven technology learns from user interactions to reduce manual research efforts
Suitable for any testing skill level
Tests are easy to write in plain English as testRigor handles the rest
No element locators, refer to UI elements just as you see them on a screen
Powerful APIs to extend testRigor value as far as you want to take it
Unparalleled scalability
Low-effort test creation process
Minimal test maintenance cost
Efficiency gains grow with your project
The Most Powerful

End-to-end UI Testing Tool

You've Ever Seen
With testRigor, you'll find that tests are easier to create, efficient to maintain, and powerful in providing a strong level of coverage across your software project. These benefits mean your team can spend less time worrying about test quality and more time making your software better.
Achieve Next-Generation Results With AI-Powered

End-to-end Software Testing Tools

Public Open Source
All tests and test results are PUBLIC open source, anyone can see and you can share your results as a unique public URL.
Free - public
What's Included

Unlimited Users.
Unlimited Test Cases.
Unliimited Suites.
Free Forever.
Limited to 1 parallelization.
All Tests and Results are Public.
Two private test suites and 2 parallelizations to execute tests
$900 /month
What's Included

All tests and results are private.
Unlimited users.
Unlimited test cases.
1 private test suite.
1 parallelization for faster test execution.
Basic Support.
Contact us for personalized enterprise offers.
Custom pricing
What's Included

Dedicated customer-success manager.
Slack-based support.
Unlimited users.
Unlimited test cases.
On-premise available.


End-to-end Test Automation Tools

testRigor is built with security in mind from the start, including following some of the highest security standards around, like SOC2. testRigor never records or stores the private data of your company or users. testRigor includes all of the access controls your team needs to make sure unauthorized system access is prevented and your system is free from abuse, theft, unauthorized removal of data, and other security issues.
Data Integrity
testRigor maintains data process integrity by the book, ensuring data processing is complete, accurate, valid, authorized and timely.
Keep confidential information protected with network and application firewalls that work together with strict access controls.
Protect PII
You can rest assured that all PII remains private as we never store private data of users or your company.

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