walrus.ai alternative with testRigor

walrus.ai was a crowd-test-building service where engineers would build tests for you based on your description. testRigor allows you to use English language to describe the steps and validations for your tests. The main difference is that your language will be executable on it’s own, no writing of test cases on the background needed.
If you used to use walrus.ai we will convert all your walrus.ai tests to testRigor executable scripts for free.
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#1 Generative AI-based Test Automation Tool

With testRigor, you can use free-flowing plain English to build test automation. testRigor will understand and execute your instructions exactly as written. The way testRigor operates is by translating high-level instructions like purchase a Kindle into a more specific set of steps such as:
enter "Kindle" into "Search"
press enter
click "Kindle"
click "Add to cart"
You always have the ability to correct these instructions and expand upon them using supported commands found here. See how it works here.
29,000+ companies rely on testRigor for QA. See case studies
How Does It Work?
Build test automation 100X faster and spend 200X less time maintaining it!
Generate tests out of the box
Copy-paste (or import) your manual test cases into testRigor
Correct/expand using built-in plain English instructions
What Can You Test?
Cover both cross-browser and cross-platform scenarios within a single test. Use a test recorder for even faster test creation.
Cover both native and hybrid applications for iOS and Android. Integrate with LambdaTest or BrowserStack for a broader range of test devices.
Create tests for native Windows applications (available only in paid versions).
Invoke APIs, retrieve values, validate return codes, and store results as saved values.
Send emails using a simple "send email" command, include attachments, and verify deliverability.
SMS + Phone Calls
Utilize direct Twilio integration for making and verifying calls, sending SMS, confirming deliverability, and saving results.
Cover two-factor authentication (2FA) logins with SMS, and validate OTP codes received via emails.
Maximize Productivity
by working with the top
Manual + Selenium/Appium
Most resources are tied up in test maintenance instead of contributing to new coverage 99.5% less test maintenance
Expensive QA Engineering required Reallocate QA Engineers to build API tests
On average organizations only achieve 30% test coverage due to maintenance burden 90% or more test coverage in under a year
Takes weeks to retest functionality Full retest in under 15 minutes
Manual QA cannot contribute to automation Manual QA create and maintain automated tests
Test code still doesn't guarantee your system works because it's not written to emulate real-world users Tests reflect how real-world users interact with your application
Gartner named testRigor a Cool Vendor in Software Engineering: Improving Digital Resilience in 2023.
We’re proud to share that testRigor has been named as a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner Cool Vendors™ in Software Engineering: Improving Digital Resilience report. Learn More
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Quickly achieve test coverage with minimal maintenance
What Our Customers Are Saying
“We spent so much time on maintenance when using Selenium, and we spend nearly 0 time with maintenance using testRigor”
Keith Powe
VP Of Engineering – IDT
“My team can automate, that is a huge win because you do not need technical skillsets. You can leverage testRigor’s technology to write the test case in plain English.”
Jinal Shah
Director, Test Engineering – Medrio
“The manual team does not need to be sidelined and I don’t need to hire separate experts for automating scenarios.”
Sagar Bhute
Director Of Quality Assurance – Cornerstone
“The easier platform to achieve the consistency of maintaining and running the tests in a speedy way.”
Carolina Villa
IT Management – Tembici
Fit Your Workflow
testRigor integrates with the tools you already use so you can stay in your flow.
Github Actions
Azure DevOps
And More...
Security, Built-In
testRigor protects you by following the highest security standards, including SOC2 and HIPAA. We never record or store your users' or your company's private data
Access controls prevent potential system abuse, theft or unauthorized removal of data, misuse of software, and improper alteration or disclosure of information.
Processing Integrity
Processing integrity addresses whether or not a system achieves its purpose. We ensure our data processing is complete, valid, accurate, timely, and authorized.
We ensure network and application firewalls work together with rigorous access controls, to safeguard information.
We ensure all PII remains private. We never record or store your users' or your company's private data.
How is testRigor's test automation different from Selenium?
1. Tests are automatically generated based on our AI's mirroring of how your end users are using your application in your production environment. In addition, tests are produced to map your most important functionality out of the box. This is achieved by using our JavaScript library in your production environment to capture metadata around your users' habits within your app. We use this metadata to automatically generate & maintain behavior-driven tests for your most frequently used functionality & flows. We also add the possibility for tests of most important functionality based on common and industry-specific rules.
2. Our tests are in plain English, so it is possible to understand what is being tested and to search for all tests affecting certain buttons, inputs, etc. Using the same language support, you can also customize rules to fit your own internal verbiage.
3. Because testRigor tests are not dependent on XPath, they are ultra-stable. Our customers are running thousands of tests multiple times a day without a single failure.
4. Our tests are adaptable. We not only extract and show unique issues, but we also identify and group together all the cases affected by the same issue and allow our customers to fix them in place all at once with quick and easy editing tools.
How are you different from Cucumber/Gherkin?
You can think of testRigor as Cucumber already implemented for your project. We have eliminated the need to write and maintain any underlying Selenium code, as our system uses an NLP-based parser to parse plain English and executes your specifications in place.
What are your end-to-end tests actually testing for?
Acceptance-level functional UI-level regression tests. We test that functionality works via UI. For example, for Amazon we would test that a person can successfully purchase a product from log in to purchase confirmation.
What do you test well?
Our system is particularly adept at testing form-based UI or functionality that has a predictable input/output. A few other strengths unique to our tool are... 1. ...cases that require multiple users to interact be the same flow be it via email, SMS, or instant messages. 2. ...cases built for platforms with constantly changing code and HTML IDs. 3. ...complex flows that need to combine actions like image comparison, audio quality, dragging & dropping all into one.
What don't you test well?
We don't test games.
Test automation simplified
Deploy faster with more stable tests
Get to production in hours instead of weeks.
testRigor tests work as long as your specifications in plain English remain true.
testRigor is ideal for CI/CD because testRigor tests won’t fail unless functionality changes.
Reduce QA headaches and make your team happy
Start testing within minutes.
free your QA team from manual click-through regression testing and maintaining automated scripts.
Refocus your test team to work on other more meaningful testing initiatives.
Adapt to new functionality with ease
Eliminate repetitive work.
Survive UI framework changes
testRigor extracts unique issues from all tests.
Adapt to new changes with a few clicks of a button and a few plain-English words.

The only end-to-end test automation tool you’ll ever need. testRigor empowers the whole team to write end-to-end UI tests quickly and efficiently. Seamlessly create, edit, and update tests of any complexity, allowing the team to expand test coverage rapidly.

Unlike most other codeless test automation tools available on the market, all tests are created entirely from a user’s perspective. This means identifying elements as you see them on the screen instead of using element locators. And the tests are so stable that some of our customers even use them for monitoring. These are just a few benefits of the testRigor test automation tool.

Test Automation Tool
Special Features
Write Complex Tests In Plain English
Obliterate Test Maintenance
Automate Your Tests 100X Faster
Enable Team Scaling
by using one of the best
on the market
Scale your software engineering teams by allowing them to focus on what matters instead of being bogged down with mundane test maintenance. Write tests from the end-user's perspective and testRigor will execute them emulating human interaction.
Join the next wave of functional testing now.
A testRigor specialist will walk you through our platform with a custom demo.