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Eliminate testing with Executable Specifications

You can eliminate testing with Executable Specifications using Specification-Driven Development in testRigor.

Here is how to do it:

Your product managers are already writing specifications in English.

In testRigor you can make those specifications executable out of the box to:
  1. Save Engineer’s time on testing their implementation
  2. Eliminate the need to write test automation after the fact, because the specifications are executable already

This will help you to move from 3-step SDLC process:

Specification -> Code -> Test Automation

To a much more efficient 2-step SDLC process:

Specification -> Code

Where specification itself will double down as regression test since it is executable.

In the video above, we are providing an example of how to build an executable specification for a new not-yet-existing “Feeling Unlucky” button in Google search with the following specification:
Search for testrigor
click "feeling unlucky"
check that page doesn't contain "testrigor"
Where the Search for testrigor is a rule defined as:
enter "testrigor" into "search"

This way you can improve engineering process to save time by at least 20% and improve speed of delivery by at least 40%.

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