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Have You Automated Sign-up Flow Testing?

Your Sign-Up Flow Needs Attention

The sign-up flow might be one of the least-tested flows in software development. Few companies have automation to validate that this important functionality continues to work. Lack of automation is how this functionality remains one of the most error-prone functions in software.

This is perplexing since your sign-up flow is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, important end-to-end flows in your system. No new users, no new business => lost revenue almost immediately.

How do you test your sign-up flow?

Manually? On every deployment? Not sure it even makes the smoke checklist for most of the companies we speak with.

The Challenge

The challenge with automating the test is you have to use an email server to receive email and then act on it. Not only that but your email server must allow you to use a new email address every single time since you often can’t reuse an existing email address.

And you have to make sure that your email doesn’t go to spam. And you need to render the email. It’s no wonder this function is often overlooked when testing.

What if it looks completely broken or the link doesn’t work?

The Solution

Good news, everyone!

testRigor helps you to automate the testing of your complete end-to-end registration flow. Starting from registering on the website and filling out the registration form, then rendering the email and clicking on the link. And, all the way through the confirmation process. All on behalf of a user as an end-to-end test.

For example, it could look like this:

click "Register" generate by regex "[a-z0-9]{18,24}\@testrigor-mail\.com", 
then enter into "Email" and save as "newEmail"
enter "pAssword123$" into "Password"
click "Sign Up" 
wait 15 seconds 
check that email to saved value "newEmail" was delivered
check that page contains button "Confirm Registration"
click "Confirm Registration"
check that page contains text "Successfully confirmed"

This code above is actually exactly what we execute! Literally. It is not pseudo-code. It is our subset of plain English test commands which our machine-based approach supports.

Now pay attention to check that email to saved value "newEmail" was delivered command.

testRigor would check the POP3 server of testrigor-mail.com for a new mail in the account which was generated on step 2.

But that’s not all! It would also render the page as if it is a web page! Therefore the next actions check that page contains button "Confirm Registration" and click "Confirm Registration" are performed on your email which is rendered as a page.

Don’t hesitate to request a demo to see how it would work for your website, desktop, or mobile app – testRigor supports all of them.

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