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How to Achieve More Test Coverage with No Code 2.0

If your automated test coverage is lower than you would like, you’re not alone. The industry average for end-to-end test coverage in 2022 is under 30%. In this webinar, we discuss the factors preventing the majority of companies from reaching desired test coverage. Many companies have all of their resources completely bogged down in test maintenance. The maintenance on tests grows so quickly that at 350 tests, a full-time Engineer’s time is consumed to just maintain the tests. This is the main reason why companies can’t achieve 100% test automation.

Join us as we talk about the solution that the latest no-code tool market trends (including record-and-playback tools and entirely codeless solutions) provide. The idea behind no-code or codeless automation is to require no prior coding experience. That means that any QA person or even any team member without an engineering background should be able to create and execute tests to validate business logic.

You will also learn how the latest technology available can shift how you create and maintain automated tests and help you easily reach your desired automation coverage.

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