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How to Use testRigor to Test Your Website or Mobile App

Once you register, fill out the name of your app and provide parameters for testing:

Click “Create Test Suite” at the bottom of the screen.

For the first exploratory run the system will explore your application by filling out all inputs and pressing each button. It will provide you with the list of scenarios which it detected on your website/app for your review:

You can edit autodetected parameters we used for testing by clicking on Edit Params.

When you deploy/build the next version of your app, click the Retest button:

Our system will go through all your functionality again and compare it with previous version. TestRigor does functional comparisons by comparing texts, input elements, links and buttons on your screen. It does not perform pixel-perfect comparisons. Once it is done you’ll see a report like this:

For each potential bug you’ll see steps to reproduce:

Pages/screens for which the comparison has failed will show you a description of what failed with a side-by-side comparison:

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