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Selenium is like an Assembly Language for Automation

Think about it… using Selenium requires a person to study a lot of complex constructs like inheritance, functional programming, concepts of loops, variables, etc. You’ll also need to learn the Selenium testing framework itself, which is a non-trivial effort especially if test automation is not your full-time focus.

At testRigor we believe that you should not need to be a developer just to create automated tests!

Not only that but frameworks like Selenium lack a lot of exceptionally important features like email testing, properly working with table-based data, etc.

Using Java and Selenium for automation today is like using Assembly language to build your website. You CAN do it, it is just INSANE amount of efforts for no good reason.

Think how much more you can achieve if you can:

  1. Start creating tests the moment you join the company avoiding weeks of painful setup
  2. Get a lot of useful tests automatically generated for you, so your job is only keeping them up to date, not tediously writing repetitive tests
  3. Use plain English commands to create tests. Not a programming language. No unnecessary confusing constructs, but instead the insane power of having all the features you might need at your fingertips.
  4. Creating tests takes at most 5 min, not 5 days.

Here is how we do it.

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