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CLI Issue: “You passed the –record flag but did not provide us your Record Key” in Cypress

The error message, “You passed the –record flag but did not provide us your Record Key,” is typically seen in Cypress when you are trying to record your test runs using the Cypress Dashboard (formerly Cypress Dashboard) Service, but you haven’t provided the necessary API key to authenticate and associate your test runs with your Cypress Cloud account. This error is essential for security and accountability, ensuring only authorized users can record and view test results.

Let us see a detailed explanation of why this error happens and how to resolve it:

What is Cypress Cloud, and why record tests?

The Cypress Cloud is a web-based service provided by Cypress.io that allows you to record, store, and analyze test runs from your Cypress test suite. Recording your test runs offers various benefits, such as historical test results, video recordings of test execution, and integration with continuous integration (CI) tools. To use this service, you must authenticate your test runs using a Record Key.

What is a Record Key?

A Record Key is an API key that authorizes your Cypress test runs to be recorded and associated with your Cypress Cloud account. It acts as a secure token that identifies you as the owner of the test runs and allows you to access and manage them on the Cypress Cloud.

Why does this error occur?

The error message “You passed the –record flag but did not provide us your Record Key” occurs when you use the –record flag while running your Cypress tests, indicating that you want to record the test runs. However, you haven’t provided the required Record Key to authenticate and link your tests to your Cypress Cloud account.

How do we resolve this?

You can resolve the error by taking the below steps:

Obtain a Record Key

  • Sign Up for Cypress Cloud (if you haven’t already): If you don’t have a Cypress Cloud account, you’ll need to sign up for one. Visit the Cypress Cloud website and follow the registration process.
  • Log In to Account: Once you have an account, log in to your Cypress Cloud account.
  • Access Your Organization: If you’re part of an organization, ensure you are in the correct organization by selecting it from the dashboard.
  • Generate a Record Key: In the dashboard, navigate to your organization’s or personal settings (depending on where you want the tests to be recorded). Look for an option to generate an API key or Record Key. Follow the prompts to create the key.
  • Copy the Record Key: After generating the key, copy it to your clipboard. It is a long alphanumeric string.

Provide the Record Key

Now that you have your Record Key, you must provide it when running your Cypress tests with the –record flag. Here’s how:

  • Open your terminal or command prompt.
  • Navigate to your Cypress project directory, where your cypress.json configuration file is located.
  • Run your Cypress tests with the –record flag and provide the Record Key using the –essential flag: npx cypress run –record –key YOUR_RECORD_KEY (Replace YOUR_RECORD_KEY with the actual Record Key you generated from the Cypress Dashboard.)
  • Press Enter to start the test run.

Verify the Fix

Once you’ve provided the Record Key and run your tests, Cypress should authenticate your test run with the Cypress Dashboard using the provided key. You should be able to see your test run in the Cypress Dashboard under your organization or personal account.


If you encounter any issues, double-check the following:

  • Ensure that you copied the correct Record Key.
  • Verify that the key is not expired or revoked in your Cypress Cloud settings.
  • Make sure you have internet connectivity to connect to the Cypress Cloud service.
  • Ensure your Cypress version is up to date by running npx cypress verify.

Intelligent Automation: The Next Level

Cypress is not exactly on the cutting edge of automation tools anymore. Honestly, it has its fair share of problems, such as flaky tests, limited browser support, frequent errors, limited support for mobile testing, etc. That is why it is considered almost dead among modern web frameworks.

Modern automation tools, like testRigor, utilize AI-powered features to seamlessly provide cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile, web, and desktop support using plain English tests.

Let’s see a few of the helpful features of testRigor:

  • Cloud-hosted: testRigor is a cloud-hosted automated tool that eliminates all the complexities associated with setting up the tool, creating the environment, and configuring the dependencies. With testRigor, once you have signed up, you can start immediately, saving time and effort.
  • Automatic Test Generation – Utilizing generative AI, testRigor facilitates the automatic creation of test scripts. Provide the test case title or description; test steps are generated automatically in seconds.
  • Quick Test Script Creation/Maintenance – testRigor allows the crafting of test cases in plain English, eliminating the need for programming languages. This approach empowers everyone in your team, regardless of their technical skills, to create or modify test cases, simplifying the script debugging.
  • Cross-browser and Cross-platform Support – testRigor supports various browsers, browser versions, and platforms to provide excellent test coverage with minimum effort.
  • Custom Element Locators – testRigor is independent of unreliable XPaths or CSS selectors. Instead, it employs a unique and stable method of identifying elements powered by AI algorithms. You can specify an element by the text that is visible on UI, such as:
    click "Cart"
    check that page contains "Cart Is Empty"
    enter "TV" into "Search"
    enter enter
    click "TV"
    click "Add To Cart"
    check that page contains "Item Added To Cart"
    check that page contains "Cart (1)"

Read here how you can use testRigor as a perfect alternative for Cypress.

Summing Up

Choosing an automation testing tool that is up-to-date and in tune with the latest tech trends is the first step towards excellent product quality. testRigor is an absolute choice in this regard, as it optimizes test scripts through self-healing and simplifies test script creation through its codeless approach.

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