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Release Notes: Additional built-in variables, mobile retests without new build, run-specific parameters

Last week, we added to our built-in variables, simplified retests for mobile suites via API and globalized parameters created in the before hook.

Built-in variables

  • We added several new built-in variables. They can be called as follows:
    • testSuiteParentFolder
    • testSuitePath
    • testSuiteName
    • testCaseName
    • testCaseExecutionLink
    • currentUrl
  • See other variables with examples at https://testrigor.com/docs/language/#vars


  • We added the ability to retest mobile suites via API without supplying the file_url parameter. The rest of the script remains the same; only the file_url parameter is omitted.


  • Parameters or variables that are set in the before hook are now also accessible in the test cases of the suite and the after hook.